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Put an end to copy/paste errors

By 28. April 2023May 9th, 2023WSCAD ELECTRIX

Put an end to copy/paste errors:
Automated solutions for your electrical-engineering projects

In today’s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever for companies to ensure efficient and error-free workflows. Especially in electrical design, errors can be costly and lead to significant time loss. A common cause of such errors is copy/paste actions from older projects. In this blog post, we’ll show you how automated solutions can help you easily avoid mistakes and make your electrical projects faster and more efficient.

The pitfall of copy/paste in electrical projects

A correct and up-to-date electrical plan is the basis for every project. It ensures that all components are properly sized and arranged to ensure safe and efficient operation and, in the event of an emergency, protects against large losses of time and money and mitigates safety risks.
On many new electrical projects, parts from previous projects and plans are often copied and pasted together to save time and effort. While this approach may seem reasonable at first, it carries some risks:

  • Errors can easily be overlooked and perpetuated in the new project.
  • Old items or outdated standards may be used unintentionally
  • Adjustments to the new project can be very time consuming. Errors can be overlooked here as well.
  • In an emergency, for example in the case of plant breakdowns, faulty plans not only cost time, but also money!

Automation at the push of a button thanks to macros

Automation is a key concept in modern industry – and for good reason. It enables companies to streamline their processes, cut costs and reduce human error to a minimum. In electrical engineering, automation plays a particularly important role: it not only helps optimize design and planning processes, but also improves communication between different engineering disciplines.

By using macros (templates) for recurring tasks and automatically generating sub-projects, you can:

  • Avoid errors
  • Use current articles and standards
  • Work faster and need less manual customization effort

Instead of copying components from older projects, you should therefore cleanly create frequently recurring sub-projects and plans once in the form of macros. With WSCAD ELECTRIX, these function blocks can be created individually and very easily for all disciplines: Draw a partial circuit (macro), drag the window over it with the mouse, assign a name and save it. The macro can be placed in plans as often and as often as required.

Quick creation of entire sub-projects with the WSCAD Project WIZARD

With WSCAD Project Wizard (the “project wizard”) you set new standards in terms of automation and efficiency. The Project Wizard is a powerful add-on that optimizes the creation process of electrical engineering plans.
WSCAD Project Wizards helps you insert macros (function blocks) into your plans at the push of a button. If you put together several macros at the same time, you automatically generate entire sub-projects. This way, at the push of a button, you can automate the individual requirements of your projects and save an insane amount of time.

The advantages of the Project Wizard go far beyond the pure time saving and the reduction of error sources. On the one hand, all relevant information is kept consistent and up-to-date, and on the other hand, you benefit from increased flexibility, as changes can be made at a central point and thus quickly and easily applied to all affected documents. Take a look at this innovative add-on, you will be thrilled.

I hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful.

Alin Dragan
Product Manager