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Create schematics with one click with Search & Click

By 16. June 2023March 20th, 2024General, WSCAD ELECTRIX

Are you still searching or have you already started designing?
Create schematics with one click with Search & Click.

On a single engineering platform, the software combines the six disciplines of electrical engineering, control cabinet construction, installation technology, P&ID, fluid, and building and room automation. As a result, the software includes a plethora of functions. Beginners, in particular, were frequently overwhelmed by the number of possibilities.

With Search & Click, WSCAD users could not only easily find functionalities via the quick search (Search & Click), but also insert them into the schematic with a mouse click. There is no easier way to design! To illustrate this, we created a video challenge to demonstrate how fast our quick search is in practice.

Here we present the most important functionalities and how to use Search & Click

What can be searched with Search & Click?

You can use the quick search to quickly find and open menu items and software settings, as well as symbols, articles, macros, and device tags (BMK = “Betriebsmittelkennzeichen”).

Call Search & Click and make the right search query

The quick search can be opened by pressing CTRL + Q (Windows)/ Command + Q (Mac) or in the top right corner of the menu bar.

A dialog window will open. Simply type in the term for the function you want to perform, and all relevant results will be displayed.

Search & Click can also be used to limit your search to a specific category. To do this, enter the category letter in brackets and a space in front of the search term in the dialog box.
If you want the search for symbols, articles, and macros to include disciplines other than those on the opened page, use the Settings icon on the right to enable the Show symbols, articles and macros from all disciplines checkbox.

Shortcuts for category search:

  • Commands/Menu commands (c for commands)
    Double-click on a search result to execute the menu command
  • Software settings (o for options)
    Double click on a search result jumps to the location of the setting
  • Symbols (s)
    Double-click on a search result places the symbol at the mouse pointer
  • Parts (p for parts)
    Double-click on a search result places the part at the mouse pointer
  • Macros (m)
    Double-click on a search result to place the macro at the mouse pointer
  • BMK (b)
    Double-click on a search result to jump to the position of the BMK in the schematic

Execute command or place part by double-click

With a double click on the search result you can either execute the menu command directly or place the symbol or part directly in the schematic. Simply enter your search term in the Search dialog and click on the search result that fits best.

Search & Click thus offers the advantage that you do not always have to leave the drawing area if, for example, you want to execute a menu command from the menu bar or place a symbol in the schematic.

The advantages with Search & Click

With the Search & Click feature, even beginners can

  • quickly create a new project with new pages
  • place elements such as symbols, articles and macros in the schematic
  • place elements such as mounting plates, cable trays and DIN rails on cabinet pages
  • add target wiring elements
  • change software settings

Search & Click live – how fast do you really design?

Our colleagues wanted to know and did the test.
In the video below, you can see how fast our quick search is in practice!

Search & Click Duel with WSCAD ELECTRIX

I hope you enjoyed the post and found it helpful.

Alin Dragan
Product Manager