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Streamline Control Cabinet Design with WSCAD ELECTRIX

By 28. March 2024June 27th, 2024Cabinet Engineering, WSCAD ELECTRIX

Creating intricate control cabinets can be a breeze with WSCAD ELECTRIX. The more meticulous your designing gets, the smoother and less error-prone the entire production process becomes.
WSCAD ELECTRIX goes beyond with its Cabinet Expert module. This module unlocks the full potential of control cabinet engineering and empowers you to automate tasks, saving you valuable time and resources.

What is the Cabinet Expert?

WSCAD Cabinet Expert is the highest expansion level of the Cabinet Engineering discipline and is included in the WSCAD ELECTRIX Ultimate licence. If you have a Professional licence, you can add Cabinet Expert as an add-on module anytime.

Automated cabinet design – the advantages of Cabinet Expert

Control cabinet engineers love the intuitive features of WSCAD Cabinet Expert, that make planning a breeze.

1. 3D view of control cabinets

Cabinet Expert allows for 3D visualisation of finished cabinet layouts during the designing phase. The 3D view provides better spatial visualisation of the project after production.

3D view of the control cabinet with Cabinet Expert

2. Collision check

The demand for cabinet design is constantly increasing. Especially when it comes to space for the control cabinet within the planned machines and systems. As more components are installed in control cabinets, space becomes increasingly limited. The collision check of the Cabinet Expert module is useful in this scenario. Cabinet Expert cabinets provide a 3D view of the control cabinet, improving spatial awareness and preventing collisions during planning. This reduces manufacturing complications due to overly planned control cabinets.

Collision checks are already possible in the design phase with the Cabinet Expert

3. Determine the fill level of cable ducts

In addition to the collision check, the fill levels of the cable ducts can also be viewed during the designing phase.

Filling level determination via the cabinet wiring function

Checking the fill level during construction ensures compliance with regulations, rather than waiting until the control cabinet is assembled.

The filling level is visible at a glance

The cabinet wiring function determines the fill level. This function is also used to calculate wire routing.

The lengths and all other wire information can then be read by cable assembly machines to automate the production of wires and wire harnesses. Cabinet Expert includes pre-configured interfaces for cable assembly machines, allowing for easy implementation.

In addition to the filling level, the wire routing is also calculated

4. Manufacturing of mounting plates and cabinet doors with NC machines

Cabinet Expert automates the production of mounting plates and cabinet doors using CNC machines. The interfaces for transferring drilling data from WSCAD ELECTRIX to manufacturer tools are already stored.

The interfaces to various cable manufacturing machines are available in Cabinet Expert


The Cabinet Expert’s functions, particularly for cabinet engineering, will revolutionize cabinet production and add value to assembly and manufacturing processes.

Interested in designing electrical cabinets efficiently? WSCAD ELECTRIX offers both standalone and add-on options for Cabinet Engineering.

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